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  • Explaining the benefits of digital document management;
  • Answering the many questions you are likely to have;
  • Providing real-life examples of how businesses find more space and efficiency through document management services.

What could you do with a little extra space?

During our extensive paper-conversion experience with countless businesses, we’ve identified the frequently asked questions, foremost among them:

Why should I even consider paperless or going digital
in the first place?

In short, to save time and money! But for those wanting a little supporting detail, the paperless work environment:

  • Is faster, easier and provides safer access to your files
  • Creates more room for inventory and other profit-generating activities
  • Improves audit efficiency and regulatory compliance
  • Makes for happier and more productive employees
  • Increases sales and profits.

In our more than three decades of going paperless, we’ve encountered a lot of opportunities to help businesses in all industries. During that time, we identified our top four most frequently asked questions:

1.  What is “Document Scanning” and how is it different than “Document Management Software?”
Think of it this way…Document Scanning is the process of taking your hard-copy paper files, and converting those into a more usable digital life…like a photo copy but into a computer.

2.  Document Management Software gives you a place to store those digital files with various methods to retrieve and track those digital files.

3.  If I scan my hard-copy files to digital, do I need Document Management Software?
No. While there are numerous advantages to implementing third-party software as a part of a solution, in many cases no additional software is required to move towards a less cluttered and more efficient workspace.  For those needing the many benefits of a software storage solution, Info-Data Services integrates numerous options. We can help with the decision process as well as the implementation.

4.  What is Cloud Storage and do I need it?
Cloud Storage allows you to move the considerable headaches and responsibility of storing and protecting  your data to a third-party vendor that specializes in storage and protection.  With most Cloud Storage options, you enjoy the benefits of a tech support team, remote access, and redundancy assurance without any in-house hardware, software or IT staff.  Do you need it?  That depends upon several variables, starting with what sort of hardware and tech support you currently have on-site or what is readily available.  We’re happy to give you more info at absolutely no cost or obligation.

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